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Are you looking to own a franchise?

Franchise Consulting Services

Franchise Connect Pro offers professional franchise consulting and development services for both franchisors and entrepreneurs interested in opportunities in franchise ownership. We are paid by the franchise to assist you, so our services are always free to you. As a Franchise Connect Pro client, you are never under any pressure nor obligation to buy. Contact us today for a free, no obligation franchise consultation.

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Services for Franchisors

Are you a franchisor looking to grow your franchise? Franchise Connect Pro can help in a number of ways.

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  • Our team of professional franchise consultants are working with quality candidates everyday exploring possible franchise opportunities. As a participating franchise, we will present your opportunity when we believe we’ve found the right candidate. Should our candidate agree and wish to research your franchise, we will introduce the candidate and remain involved assisting any way we can every step of the way.

  • The franchise brokering business has grown tremendously in the past few years and as a result has lost some of the original efficiencies that once existed. Our Broker to Broker marketing program re-introduces those efficiencies while we handle the large majority of the day-to-day tasks in dealing with large groups of brokers. This includes general broker marketing, routine territory inquiries, information distribution, candidate qualifying and introductions. Franchise Connect Pro Broker to Broker Marketing program offers you the full advantage of the power of numerous broker networks without being distracted from the core focus of your business.

  • Franchise Connect Pro has years of experience in marketing numerous franchise concepts and can help you achieve maximum ROI on your marketing investment. We’ll work with you to make effective advertising placements with detailed reporting to track your clicks, leads and franchise sales.

Finding the right plan to help ensure the success of        your business can be a challenge. We’ve partnered          with leading funding companies who understand every aspect of the franchise industry.

Funding Your Future Business

Finding the Right Plan for your Business

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  • While we typically refer to them as 401k rollovers this type of funding can be achieved from a number of different retirement investment accounts. 401k rollovers allow you to invest up to 100% of your retirement funds into your own business without paying any early withdrawal penalties or taxes and are an extremely popular method for franchise funding. This can also help you meet cash injection qualifications for other funding sources such as SBA and unsecured loans. 401k rollovers can offer several advantages, including less debt which accelerates profitability, immediate salary for owners, employee benefits, and more. They can be achieved in as little as a few weeks. There are several reasons why it is better to use your 401k vs. savings or taking out a loan. First, the money in the 401k is pre-tax dollars. The money coming out of savings is after-tax dollars. And, if you opt for a loan, you will repay the loan with interest. Not so with a 401 rollover. Another good point is that using a 401k is great for an exit strategy: when the business is sold, all of the proceeds roll back into a retirement plan and is not taxed until distribution.

  • Often referred to as a “signature loan” an unsecured loan is simply a loan that’s extended to a borrower based on their good credit and requires no collateral. Typically to qualify for an unsecured loan a borrower will need a minimum credit score of 700, have no derogatory credit statements and have less than 40% utilization of current credit accounts such as credit cards and other lines of credit. Unsecured loans can be secured in as little as two weeks.

  • While the SBA (Small Business Administration) does not actually provide loans they will offer a loan guarantee on up to 90% of the loan to qualified borrowers making the loan more attractive and less risky to the actual lender. SBA loans can be a great method for funding your franchise. Most SBA loans can be secured within 60 – 90 days.

  • Home equity lines of credit can be a relatively low cost method of funding your franchise. Home equity lines will typically cost 1% – 3% of the value of your home and interest rates ranging from 5% – 10% depending on your credit. A home equity line can be established in 30 – 60 days.

Franchise Development Services

Do you have an existing business and ever wondered if it would make a good franchise? Now Franchise Connect Pro can help you determine if franchising your business makes sense.

Franchise Assessment Study

While franchising is a dynamic way for expansion, not all great businesses make good franchise opportunities so it all starts with an Assessment Study. An in-depth consultation and study of your business will be conducted to determine if it is “franchise-able.”

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Your service to your country has earned you benefits that can be applied to starting your own franchise business. Hundreds of franchise companies are available with discounts on initial fees and/or other special financing options to armed forces veterans. Most franchise companies require a liquid capital investment. The following are the minimum requirements:

  • Typically a minimum of $25,000+ cash

  • A reasonable credit score.

Services for Veterans

Free Veteran Franchise Consulting Services

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